What is FIRST?

FIRST®(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology),is an international foundation founded in 1989 that has been actively preparing programs to spread STEM values since its inception. It hosts a total of 3 competitions catering to students of all ages.

  • ✔ FLL for 4-16 age group (FIRST Lego League)
  • ✔ 7FTC for classes 7-12 (FIRST Tech Challenge)
  • ✔ FRC for 14-18 age group (FIRST Robotics Competition)

Working with many large organizations around the world, FIRST aims to develop their engineering and innovative thinking abilities by always teaching new things to its students with its self-renewing concepts every year. FIRST organizations are separated from other robotics competitions; within the team, not only the robot but also social values, projects, and spread of STEM & FIRST values and also known as the world's most prestigious robotics competition.

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FIRST   Robotics Competition

FIRST FIRST is a competition that caters to high school students and builds robots with complex systems. Students develop their software, mechanical and electronic skills in the robot part while trying to spread STEM values through their projects in the social field. For this reason, there is a place for everyone in the FRC. In the “Kick-off Date”, which is set as the first Saturday of each year, kick-off, the robot concept and game missions of that year are explained. After this announcement, teams design and manufacture their robots until the date of the competition they will participate in(first week of March in Turkey, season duration: 8-9 weeks).

Woodie Flowers

After the founding of FIRST, the duo of Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers began working on the development of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Woodie is also known as one of the people who played an important role in creating the first philosophy by deriving the term Gracious Professionalism ® and supporting its meaning in every action. During FIRST's 30 years of experience, Woodie was not only a founder, but also a living reflection of FIRST's vision, a friend to everyone, and an inspiration to all FIRST students. Although we lost Woodie Flowers in 2019, FIRST continues to live up to its values in the family.