About Us


Cymurghs' vision is to become a team that has members from every city in Turkey and organizes projects at regular intervals and is easily accessible to children in disadvantaged areas where the STEM education model is unknown.


Cymurghs ' mission is to spread STEM and FIRST values by accessing a wide range of communities in the provinces where it has members, creating a platform where its members can use their unique abilities and gain engineering values by being familiar with the robot building process.


Who we are?

As students from 15 different cities in Turkey, we are the first student-based independent FRC team in Turkey to work to address the inequality in STEM accessibility in our country through internet-based systems throughout the year.

What we do?

Thanks to our members from different provinces, we organize robotics training in many different cities, conferences on embodying the path to STEM - FIRST - technology and dreams, mentoring to various FLL teams, and projects to increase the social activities we see as lacking in our society.And of course, we build robots! Miles in our backpacks, number 10 wrenches and our allen sets are with us not only throughout the season but all year round!

Attention: Don't forget to measure the orange you eat with a caliper!

3 Seasons 9 Awards

Chairman's Award

The Chairman's Award is FIRST's most prestigious award. It is awarded to teams that spread STEM values across broad communities and allow everyone to get acquainted with engineering without distinction. Award winners set an example for other teams with their projects and behaviors. Teams that receive the chairman's award deserve to represent their country at FIRST World Championship.

Excellence in Engineering Award

It is awarded to teams that form the engineering process with a professional approach. Planning, methods used, engineering skills are measured in the robot's engineering design process. With our 2021 season robot Baby Simurg, which is evaluated internationally, we are the only team from Turkey to be awarded this award.

The Innovation in Control Award

It is given to teams that design an electronic, mechanical, or software-specific and innovative control system or parts. In the awarding of the award, the software prepared is suitable for the competition of the game, its lack of analogs and practicality are also important factors. Cymurghs was eligible to receive this award at the Turkish Off-season 2018, the first competition in which it participated by successfully applying PID control techniques to its robot following the rules of the game.

The Rookie All-Star Award

The Rookie All-Star Award is given to the teams that have reached the most impact among the rookies participating in the competition and have demonstrated exemplary performance in all areas of the competition. Cymurghs and Cymurghs's FRC team Tuku 8246 and joined as a joint team after the start of the Ankara Off-Season projects and details of their plans for the future were entitled to receive this award.

The Dean's List Award

The Dean's List Award is given to students who embrace and implement the FIRST values among all students participating in the competition and stand out for their sacrifices for the team. Our students, who are eligible to receive this award in Istanbul Regional 2019 and Istanbul Regional 2021, was called to meet FIRST 's founder Dean Kamen at the Houston World Championships in America.

The Judges’ Award

The Judges’ Award is awarded to the team that attracts the attention of the juries due to their characteristics and remarkable achievements that they specialize in their field, apart from the award criteria set in the competition. Cymurghs, Istanbul Regional 2019, Ankara Off-season 2019, and Istanbul Regional 2020 competitions, brought together students from different cities and managed the coordination, and attracted juries with their sincere attitude within the team was entitled to receive this award.

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Team Values

What do we aim to teach the people we reach as Cymurghs and our team members?
  • ✔ Engineering Skills

    Engineering is not about discovering what exists, but about creating something new. In this sense, by combining the values of mathematics and physics with the robot construction process, we follow the training processes of our members with one-on-one weekly task cards.

  • ✔ Research

    The ability to research a specific topic is one of the most wanted talents in today's business world. In our team, we teach research process management and report writing skills with carefully prepared research tasks with the guidance of our mentors.

  • ✔ Peer to Peer Experience Transmission

    The best teacher is our friends. In our team, which constantly renews itself and has a dynamic structure, we create a friendly and permanent educational environment by keeping the age range small with our active mentors consisting of past members and university students.

  • ✔ Learning While Working

    As high school students, we generally do not have the opportunity to gain work experience without going to university. As Cymurghs, we help our members to make the right choice of profession by creating an opportunity to introduce many branches of a profession at an early age and work in this field.

  • ✔ Career Mentoring

    “Which job I wanted to do", "What am I talented at?" Many students have difficulty answering such questions. With our experienced mentors in many areas such as marketing, management, software, and engineering, we encourage our members to draw and embody the path to dreams and how to move along this path.

  • ✔ Cultural Exchange

    How about waking up in the morning with a picture of boyoz and seeing Adana kebab for lunch? Our team, which brings members together from many different cities, also allows us to gather these cultures in one platform. By seeing the very different traditions of our country in the same environment, we have created a sharing space for our members to adopt their world knowledge.

  • ✔ Teamwork & Fun!

    As FIRST said, don't forget to have fun! Our team members can only see each other during the competitions throughout the year, but have a lot of experience coordinating and working together using only online tools. It's not an abnormal trait here to laugh together while working and dance when you're stressed!